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Logandene Specialist Dementia Unit

Type of care: BBH award winning 16-bed specialist inpatient assessment and treatment dementia unit.

Specialist solutions provider Teal worked alongside key stakeholders at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) to install its innovative mental health furniture and sensory products at a newly refurbished site in Hemel Hempstead, helping to deliver a world-class facility for people living with dementia.

Designed to the latest NHS standards ‘Logandene’ has undergone a major refurbishment, to create a state-of-the-art specialist inpatient assessment and treatment unit. The unit forms part of a £42 million investment by HPFT in an ambitious project which reflects the Trust’s commitment to providing the highest quality standards for those with dementia at the most challenging and complex level of need.

Logandene will feel like home for many service users, retaining their independence and freedom in a safe environment which fosters a sense of belonging. The entrance showcases the dementia-friendly ‘Velvare’, a distinctively styled, ergonomic lifestyle chair created by designer Jon Crawford. Teal’s easily recognisable and distinctive dining room furniture features weighted, dementia friendly ‘Portobello’ dining tables with easy clean KYDEX tops, rounded corners and smooth lines, with bright, easily identifiable ‘Malay’ dining chairs in contrasting upholstery fabrics. Communal lounges feature popular Galloway chairs with winged styling and contrast arm fabric detail.

Bedrooms are equipped with Teal’s ‘Atlas’ high back comfort chairs and bespoke bedroom furniture, including wardrobes with hanging space for day clothes, where service users can feel comfortable and safe in surroundings.

 A new multi-sensory therapy room features ‘Atlas’ chairs  to aid relaxation, where staff provide gentle stimulation therapy,  tailored to meet the needs of individual service users. The adjustable light panels, fibre optics and sound system supplied and installed by Teal create a soft, calm ambience.


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