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CAD and Space Planning Services

Teal have created a practical CAD resource to assist in the design process. 

About CAD and Space Planning services

Teal have created a practical resource to assist in the design process. 

CAD models can be accessed here

3D CAD models are available for selected models in the following formats:                                                                                                                   

DXF 2d
DXF 3d
3ds sk

Space planning

As part of the space planning process our design team reviews the clients needs and evaluates the basic constraints of the building. Provisional space plans and illustrations of the client’s ideas and preferences are produced for feedback and discussion.  Our Space Planning team then uses the latest 2D and 3D technology to help visualise the product in its environment. Please contact Customer Services or your Area Manager who can arrange space planning services.

Teal offer a complete turnkey solution including space planning, interior design and project management.
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