Dementia activity resources

Key Features

  • Washable hand sewn products designed to create a sense of independence and achievement through interaction
  • Promotes co-ordination, stimulation, socialising, conversation and sensory perceptionBright coloured fabric filled with numerous items and textures for touching
  • Round table cover (900 diameter)
  • Colourful, exciting tactile cotton fabrics - zips, ric-rac, velcro strips, ribbon bands - some with rings attached, appliqued picture, finished with buttons
  • Allows for four people to enjoy at once


  • washable, hand sewn product
Round table cover
Man's Apron
Ladies Apron
Multi Tasker
Hand muff
All tied up
Square table cover
Buttoned up
Other Products in Range
  • Round table cover
  • Round table cover
  • W900
  • H900
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