Pressure relief foams

Teal seating is available in four seat grades depending on the risk of tissue breakdown

  • Standard High Quality CMHR foam
  • Low/Medium risk AA twin density comfort cushion
  • Medium/High risk BB
  • High risk CC Pro-texion Visco elastic foam with Gel inserts for localised relief


Pro-texion is a specialist foam which reacts to body heat and moulds to the body’s shape, thus distributing weight more evenly and reducing the risk of tissue damage.


The Salus patient chair has a pressure sensitive PU seat with sprung internal frame to relieve pressure on the sacral area.

High risk air floatation cushion

Pro-TexAir floatation air cushion provides a counter pressure environment that assists in the healing of Ischemic ulcers.

Specialist Cushions

We offer a range of specialist cushion options tailored to assist in pressure reduction.

Pressure mapping service

Available through our trained account managers utilising the XSensor X3 system, allowing clinicians to view pressure distribution.

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